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Trussed Up

Probably the scariest activity I’ve seen at the job site is what carpenters call “plate walking”. That’s when they walk along the 2×4 (or 2×6,

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That’s a Big Post!

The entry way to our new home is a vaulted two story opening, without a first floor ceiling on which to build the second floor

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Boxes on Boxes

I’ve commented before on how different stages of construction cause the project to present different appearances. With the second floor framing well underway, and almost

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The Shoots That Bind

I’m not personally big on preservation for preservation’s sake, because it seems to me that the essence of life is change. But I do like

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Reach for the Sky!

We’re well into what Rich, my contractor, calls the HVP phase: Highly Visible Progress. Framing sprouts up all over the place, and almost every day

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Photos: Framing

I also added some more photos to the Foundation gallery. Check out the earlier posting to see them. Once the framing started, two things happened

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