That’s a Big Post!

The entry way to our new home is a vaulted two story opening, without a first floor ceiling on which to build the second floor framing. Instead, a technique called “balloon framing” — single-piece posts* running from the first floor to the roof line — is being used.

As an aside, I love all the domain-specific terms used in the construction industry. Mostly because no one seems to have any idea where they come from :). Balloon framing? Doesn’t look anything at all like any balloon I’ve ever seen.

Or built, for that matter — in high school my friends and I used to fly hot air balloons. Which almost resulted in our burning down my buddy’s garage one day, but that’s a story for another time.

Framing continues apace, with almost all of the framing complete and most of the sheathing applied. Roof trusses have been ordered, and should arrive a week before Christmas.

* kudos to Eric Saund for pointing out that vertical pieces of wood are called posts in construction, not beams. Beams are horizontal. But whatever you call it, those suckers are big!

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