Finishing Touches Going In

We’re now moving into the final stage of installing the finishes. The electricians are back to put in plugs, lamps, etc. The baseboard is almost all in, and is in the process of being painted. Much of the plastic used to protect surfaces during painting is coming down, so you can start to see how the finishes look together.

With the rear deck completed, all of the structural construction activities are done. From here on out it’s “just” a matter of putting on the finishing touches, so far as the house is concerned. Including the hardwood floor (due in this week) and the carpet (to be installed later in July).

There’s still a bunch of landscaping to do, though. The last section of fence should go up this coming week. At which point the rough grading will likely soon follow (final grading will be done as part of the landscape work).

Our general contractor is looking to have the house ready for final inspection by the end of July. Hurray!

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