Emerging from the Scaffolding

We can finally see our new home more clearly now that the scaffolding has been removed. It was up for so long that it seemed to become part of the design…and a not particularly attractive part to boot :).

What with a few changes (e.g., switching to smooth interior walls, which take longer to build) and a few unexpected glitches (e.g., having to repair half a dozen trusses after an electrician drilled some holes through them to route wires) we’re now looking at an early July move-in date. That’s a delay of a month, and of course it could slip further. But we are very satisfied with the progress being made and have no complaints. The 4th Law of Thermodynamics, after all, is “Everything takes longer and costs more”. Houses are no exception.

As you’ll see from the pictures of the backyard, the jobsite is a little the worse for wear after all the work that’s been poured into building the house. We also discovered, after our landscape contractor removed all the weeds and plant overgrowth on the western boundary, that the existing fence has pretty much totally been knocked out by dry rot. In fact, the northern portion of it has completely fallen over.

Fortunately for us, it turns out the old fence is not on our property, so we can just build our new fence in front of it and never have to see it. Our western neighbors don’t seem to care, since the old fence isn’t too visible from their side of the property line. It’ll probably just be left to sit there and decay.

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