How Green Is My Siding

We always wanted to have a green exterior for the house. Of course, “green” covers a multitude of colors…not all of which look green to me, but what do I know?

The siding our architect and contractor recommended — HardieBoard — is very durable and low maintenance. In fact, it’s warranted to not need painting for 15 years. The trade-off is the limited palette of colors. Which is further limited by Hardie offering only a subset of its total palette in each geographic region they serve (why the colors available in The West should be different from those available in The Northeast is a mystery known only to Hardie).

So we had to choose between Mountain Sage — which we thought might not look green enough — and Pine Green — which we thought looked a bit garish. Further complicating the choice was that the color samples were an inch-and-a-half wide by seven inches long — not too much to go on when you’re trying to visualize hundreds of square feet of color.

In the end we went with Mountain Sage. Fortunately, we really like it! It sets off the deep green window frames quite nicely, too.

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