One of the more interesting experiences we had with this property adventure took place the night we tried to sleep over in the house we recently removed. We did that to get a feel for what the neighborhood was like late at night and first thing in the morning.

Only we didn’t make it to daylight. We fled back to 76 Bayview around 1 AM. Why?

Because there were creatures in the walls!!

We shouldn’t have been surprised by this. Truth to tell, many houses get nighttime visitors, and those houses don’t have holes in their roof from where wood shakes have blown off. But those suckers sounded large*.

The moral is, expect visitors…and try to keep them out.

Which is why many houses these days incorporate “rat proofing”: a modest coating of concrete placed on top of the dirt that’s under the house, inside the foundation walls. It doesn’t hermetically seal the structure. But it makes it harder for little “friends” to work their way into the house from underneath. It also helps with moisture control.

Tomorrow/Friday October 17th the concrete trucks will be back again to do the rat proofing. As well as put the first “coat” of concrete into the garage. After that’s done it’ll be a while before any more concrete arrives at the job site.

* Later we learned our new neighbors to the south had spotted a raccoon poking its head out of the house! And here I used to think raccoons were cute…

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