Photos: Foundation

Here are some photos showing the results of pouring the foundation piers. First we dig the holes, then we fill them back in. Albeit with a substance significantly stronger than what was there originally!

Some comments on particular pictures…

The drill is very powerful. In fact, at the end of the drilling process the score was drill 3, shovels 0 (you have to help the drill along by shoveling debris out of the way). I witnessed one of these lopsided matches — one second the shovel was there, the next it was in several pieces lying a fair distance away. Fortunately no bones were broken in the hands of the person who had been holding it! As my contractor Rich Silvestri put it, “the drill always wins”.

Note the difference in color of the tailings. The lighter, grayish colored material is what you get when you drill through solid rock. The orange-ish material is clay, and the brown material is topsoil (we have 4 to 6 feet of really good topsoil on the site; can’t wait to start planting stuff).

The drill goes through dirt and clay like it wasn’t there. Rock, not so much — it has to grind away for a long time to get through rock. But in the end… the drill always wins :).

Ever wonder how the sewer line goes through the foundation? Well, it’s simple — you just have to remember to leave a passageway for it before you pour the concrete:

Of course, from Diego’s point of view the main point of this project is to provide a ready source of tasty food scraps :).

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  1. Ann (Your Sister) MacDonald

    Looks like Diego is going to try doing some doggie time trials with weave poles. May want to dye him a nice pink so he stands out a bit more. 🙂

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