We Are Go For Launch!

It’s been a long time coming. Much longer, in fact, than I had expected. Which goes to show just how ignorant I was of what’s involved with building a home. Everything looks easier when you don’t know what you’re doing!

But this evening Barbara & I made the decision we’ve been working towards for over six months.

We are going to build a new home at 286 Chestnut!

And may Loki and Coyote refrain from throwing us too many curveballs…

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  1. Hi – Since you have invited comments to the blog of your new home adventure, we thought we would takle you up on your offer and make a contribution. Did you notice the flurry of contractor activity on Chestnut St this past week? With the house at the Chestnut circle being literally rebuilt, Chris’ new kitchen, Anderson’s new lawn, Katie’s new windows, and the 286 asbestos project, we are fascinated to watch all the contractor type activities and progress of the various projects. Should be interesting to see first hand the emmergence of a new home from the remnants of John & Marie’s house – all too long vacant! Regarding your move to smaller quarters, since we moved 17 times while in the seervice, we have a great appreciation of your anxiety over the trauma ahead in sorting out your things for the move ahead. In looking at our own, all to large, set of treasures in our garage and cellar, we appreciate the tough days ahead for you two in your project to sort out what treasures to keep and which to send away. Thanks for setting up the blog. It will be fun to watch things progress as time carries us forward. Best…………..Jack & Marcia

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