Trussed Up

Probably the scariest activity I’ve seen at the job site is what carpenters call “plate walking”. That’s when they walk along the 2×4 (or 2×6, in our case) horizontal boards that form the top of a framed wall. There’s not much room for error in how you put your feet down. And it can be

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Boxes on Boxes

I’ve commented before on how different stages of construction cause the project to present different appearances. With the second floor framing well underway, and almost all of the first floor sheathing done, it looks like boxes set on top of boxes. Which isn’t at all what the design looks like! Without the roof you don’t

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Photos: Framing

I also added some more photos to the Foundation gallery. Check out the earlier posting to see them. Once the framing started, two things happened to change my perception of the project. First, the house began to look much bigger, because I could more easily imagine how expansive the floor space is (the concrete foundation

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